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What Size Salt Lamp Do I Need: Finding the Perfect One

Many of you must be familiar with the several health benefits that are associated with having a Himalayan rock salt lamp. Holistic healers swear by it. Although not scientifically proven, these rock salts have benefitted people immensely over centuries. Thus, in modern day, we use rock salt lamps to reap its benefits. But, have you ever wondered, what size salt lamp do I need?

Before diving into that, let us give you an overview of the origin of rock salt, how rock salt lamps are made, and the benefits that we can get from them.

Rock salt has been around for millions of years. They have benefitted people even in ancient times, physically and monetarily. In the present day, we use these as rock salt lamps.

Rock salts are excavated in the form of big blocks from the salt mines in the Khewra region in Punjab, east of Pakistan. These blocks get transported to near factories where local artisans hand-carve them. A base is then made by flattening the bottom of the rock and also drilling a hole to fit the lighting instruments.

Benefits of Rock Salt Lamps

These lighting instruments are very important as they not only provide light but also provide heat which evaporates the salt in the atmosphere. Through that, it will be capturing all the impurities and spreading the negative ions that are beneficial for our health like increasing the oxygen amount in our blood flow. According to science, more oxygen in the blood means we feel happier and more relaxed, as well as we become healthier than before.

In addition to spreading negative ions in the air, they also get rid of the impurities to provide us with safe air to breathe. When rock salts evaporate in the atmosphere, they capture all the moisture along with the contaminants and contain it within the rock. Once the rock is heated, the same moisture goes back in the air while holding all the contaminants. This is also called a natural air purifier.

This is one of the biggest reasons why the rock salt is recommended for people who have asthma and allergic reactions. Being around the rock salt takes away the trigger that causes these conditions.

What Size Salt Lamp Do I Need: A Brief Guide

Rock salt lamps have a very limited output in a small space. Of course, you cannot expect a small piece of rock salt to do wonders for you if you are in a massive room. Thus, the size of the rock salt that you have to buy will be based on the size of the room where you will use it. If you are looking to buy this to help with your physical conditions, then we highly recommend you pick up more than one of the lamps for more benefits.

Having the right size of the lamp in a room will ensure that there is an ideal amount of negative ions spread into the air. Below, we have listed the room size that is ideal for the corresponding weight of the rock salt that you will need to achieve maximum output.

  • For a small room of about 10 x 10 square feet, it is ideal to have rock salt that weighs about five to seven pounds.
  • For a large room of about 12 x 12 square feet, the ideal weight of rock salt to be used will be about nine to eleven pounds.
  • For a bigger room of about 14 x 14 square feet, it is ideal to have rock salt weighing about 12 to 15 pounds.
  • For commercial spaces of that has a size of about 30 x 30 square feet, it is ideal to have rock salt weighing about 40 to 50 pounds.

It goes without saying that these are the minimum required sizes for the rock salt lamp. We suggest buying more than one of to witness the numerous benefits of these rock salt lamps.


According to claims, it should be expected that you will feel happier and more relaxed once you get your own Himalayan rock salt lamp. Buying more than one will just increase the amount of negative ions in the air, which in today’s day and age is something we all desperately need. So, when it comes to the answer to your question, “What size salt lamp do I need?”that will solely depend on the size of the room where you intend to place it.