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Salt Lamps vs Air Purifiers: Which One is Better?

If you are into holistic healing or just in general read about it, you may know about rock salt lamps. Over the last few years, these have gained more popularity. That is because people claim that these have numerous health benefits. However, these are not backed by science. Nowadays, these have become a replacement for air purifiers, but are they genuinely better than them?

Hence, today we will be looking into salt lamps vs air purifiers.

Salt Lamps vs Air Purifiers: The Battle for Quality Air

Rock Salt Lamps

To give you a little history of rock salt, it dates back to millions of years. This rock salt had numerous benefits in ancient times for people. It was a source of nutrition as well as monetary gain. Today, people use rock salts for several purposes like cooking and most famously, as rock salt lamps.

Rock salt lamps have been known to be beneficial to several users, and people into holistic healing speak very highly about them. Because these are mined at a very high altitude, they have no impurities in them. Hence they are considered to be the purest form of salt on the planet.

Rock salt is excavated as big chunks mostly from the Khewra region east of Pakistan. They are sent to the local artisans in nearby factories where they carve them by hand. They make the base of the rock salt flat so it can stand upright and also drill a hole to fix the lighting instruments, which is not meant just for light, but also for the heat that is needed to dissolve the salt and spread it in the air.

The whole purpose of having a rock salt lamp is that it provides negative ions which are beneficial for our well-being. Negative ions are associated with the feeling of happiness and relaxation. This is because they are known to increase the level of oxygen in our bloodstream.

To have an idea how negative ions affect us, picture yourself on a secluded beach or on a drive with your windows rolled down in the countryside. The feeling that it evokes is caused by the negative ions in the environment.

Wireless technologies, Bluetooth, computers, and the likes all create positive ions in the environment. These ions sap all the energy out from our bodies, which is why you always feel stressed and anxious around these. To counter these positive ions, rock salt lamps play a great role by spreading negative ions to make us feel better.

But, that’s not all. One of the biggest benefits of rock salt lamps is that they are known to purify the environment. The way these rock salt lamps work is by heating up the salt and spreading it in the atmosphere. Along with the moisture, they tend to capture all the impurities in the air and get it back in the salt rock. Once heated again, the salt and the negative ions spread in the air while retaining all the impurities.

This is the reason why this is recommended for patients who have asthma and other allergies. They get rid of pollen, pet dander, pollution, smoke and several others and leave you with pure air.

Air Purifiers

Air purifier works very similarly, but of course, isn’t a natural source of negative ions. Air purifiers clean the air and get rid of all the pollutants, pollen, viruses, bacteria and several others. The HEPA filter within these purifiers manages to catch and trap about 99.7% of the bacteria. They too, provide the air with negative ions to make you feel better.

Of course, since an air purifier is a machine, it works faster than a rock salt lamp. However, air purifiers are not only expensive but also require constant maintenance and change of filter over time, which is an additional cost.


There is no exact answer to which is better between salt lamps and air purifiers when it comes to effectiveness and health benefits. But when it comes to salt lamps vs air purifiers in relation to longevity, if kept in the right conditions, a rock salt lamp tends to lasts longer than an air purifier. Likewise, the rock salt lamp is also cost-effective. Apart from that, it purifies the air and naturally spreads negative ions since it is not a machine.