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Do Salt Lamps Help With Anxiety?

One way or another, you might have heard of the Himalayan rock salt. There are claims that it has a lot of benefits to the human body. One of which states that this type rock salt helps with anxiety. So, the question today that we are going to help you find an answer to is “Do salt lamps help with anxiety?”

Rock salts have been around for millions of years. Nowadays, Himalayan rock salts are excavated from the mines of Khewra from the east of Pakistan. In the form of large blocks, these are then transported to local artisans in nearby villages who carve those blocks by hand.

They cut the bottom to make it flat and drill a hole to make space to fit lighting instruments. These instruments not only provide light but also heat that helps spread and evaporate the salt into the air. It is believed that once it is heated, it is capable of capturing all the impurities present in the area, as well as spreading negative ions which are known to be beneficial to us.

Holistic healers speak very highly about rock salt and its benefits. This kind of salt is considered to be the purest in the world because they are excavated from really high altitudes where there is no pollution or other harmful contaminants in the air.

Effects of Himalayan Salt Lamps

Sadly, we live in an age and day where we feel stressed out mostly due to work. Our lives are completely taken over by technology and there is hardly anything we can do to stop it. These wireless technologies tend to spread positive ions into the environment. These ions are actually harmful to us humans as they create an imbalance in our system which is what causes stress and anxiety.

In order to achieve relief and feel at peace, we often find ourselves in areas near a waterfall or on a secluded beach. We often feel the calmness in those areas because of the high number of negative ions present. According to WebMD, negative ions are able to increase oxygen flow to the brain which results in higher alertness, decreased drowsiness, and more mental energy. Based on claims, the Himalayan salt lamp can give us the same feeling.

In addition to that, Himalayan salt lamps can also provide us with bacteria-free air as rock salt is known to take out all the impurities in the air and collect it within the rock salt lamp. When the lamp gets heated, the salt evaporates into the air holding in the impurities while spreading negative ions.

Thus, the way Himalayan salt lamps help with anxiety is that they constantly spread negative ions into the air. This is especially great when we are asleep, as it reduces all the anxiety by creating a peaceful environment and helping us achieve better sleep. Since this is naturally found in the caves, it offers the same kind of negative ions that you get from a waterfall or a beach or other places on our planet.

Proper Way to Use Salt Lamps to Achieve Maximum Results

Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps comes in a variety of sizes, and all of them are carved from inside and have lighting instruments to heat it up. It goes without saying that the larger the block of Himalayan rock salt the more the negative ions you will find in the environment. It is ideal to use this in a place where you tend to be the most. Thus, for maximum output, place it near the bed where you sleep which will help you benefit better.

If your room is filled with appliances that spread positive ions in your room, like a wireless router, a wireless printer, Bluetooth and the likes, place more than one Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp to ensure maximum negative ions are spread into the air and counter all of the harmful positive ions. These appliances spreading positive ions are one of the major reasons why we have a bad sleep and continually make us feel anxious and stressed.

Do Salt Lamps Help with Anxiety: The Conclusion

So for the question, “Do salt lamps help with anxiety?” the answer will be “Yes”. That is because a Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp can help remove the ions that are causing anxiety. It can do such by increasing the levels of the ions that are known to make people feel more relaxed and calm.