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Salt Lamp Uses: A Comprehensive List

Himalayan rock salt is obtained from the salt mines in Khewra, Punjab which is located in the east of Pakistan. It is believed that it has been existing for million years and has importance in history. In the present day, there are claims that the Himalayan Rock Salt has several benefits; hence, more people are using the rock salt lamp. With that in regard, we will be talking a little about this salt and the salt lamp uses.

Basic Information about Himalayan Salt

Himalayan Rock Salt is considered to be the purest form of salt there can ever be. This rock salt is mined at a really high altitude which has very few atmospheric impurities like pollution and other harmful materials. It is known to have several nutritional and therapeutic properties too.

Excavated as blocks of salt from the mines in Khewra, Pakistan, they are transported to nearby villages to the artisans who carefully carve into these chunks of salt by hand. The bottom is then cut flat to make the salt stand in a straight manner. After which, a hole is drilled from there to make room for the lighting instruments like a candle. These lighting instruments are mainly used to provide heat so that it can bring out the natural negative ions into the air.

Although there are not many scientific claims as to how beneficial Himalayan rock salt is, people claim that it helps them in several ways. They also have several uses that very few people areaware of.

Some of the Most ImportantSalt Lamp Uses

  1. Deodorizing and Cleansing the Air

This is one of the most recognized reasons why the Himalayan salt rock gained immediate and tremendous popularity. There are claims that the Himalayan rock salt lamp is capable of removing air impurities once the lamp is exposed to any heat source. It does this through the power or principle that is called hygroscopy.

As an overview, hygroscopy means the heated salt attracts and absorbs the water molecules and along with these molecules, it also absorbs in all of the impurities present in the area. When the heat level from the lamp starts to increase, the water also starts to evaporate. Its vapor then diffuses back into the atmosphere but keeps all the impurities trapped within.

  1. Decreases Allergic and Asthma Attacks

Placing a Himalayan rock salt lamp in a room where you spend most of the time is believed to help cut back asthma or allergy symptoms significantly. That is because the Himalayan rock salt lamp can absorb causative agents like dust, smoke, pollen, pet dander, and mold.

It is also claimed that within a week or two of placing the rock salt lamp near people with such conditions, improvement in their health will be noticeable. Meaning, there will be lesser occurrence of attacks.

  1. Increases Energy Levels

According to claims, the effects of the exposure to a Himalayan rock salt lamp is somewhat similar to the feeling that you will get when you take a drive in a countryside with open windows, spend some time in a clean and secluded beach, or camp in a forest. That is because the levels of negative ions in the body had increased. And according to science, positive ions tend to sap energies from our bodies. Thus, such is reversed.

  1. Better Sleep

Positive ions decrease the amount of oxygen that flows in the blood. Thus, having an operational Himalayan rock salt lamp around you while you sleep will heat up the salt and allow it to spread in the air, capturing all impurities and providing negative ions so that the oxygen level increases in the blood.

  1. Better Mood and Concentration

As mentioned above, more negative ions are pushed into the atmosphere after burning the lamp bringing in more oxygen to the blood. Such, in turn helps in naturally elevating your mood and make you feel more relaxed which ultimately helps you concentrate better. This eliminates the need to be dependent on anti-depressants.


Those are just a few of the several salt lamp uses that benefit us. Although none of these claims are backed by scientific evidence, more people speak highly about the uses and effects of the Himalayan rock salt lamps. Hopefully, more research will be done and have scientific claims attached to them.