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Levoit Elora Himalayan Salt Lamp Review

In this modern age, stress comes from every source conceivable, from a heavy workload with no non-urgent items to the challenges of parenting or maybe of being forever alone. This is why Himalayan Salt Lamps are a popular item, especially with its supposed benefits towards stress and anxiety management.

Himalayan salt lamps come in random shapes and sizes as the manufacturing process involves hacking into mineral deposits to extract the Himalayan salt and then processed into lamp form that you have known it to be.

Some doubt its claims of myriad health benefits while some decry its actual mineral source, claiming that it did not come from the Himalayas at all and that it’s a form of plastic and not really a mineral, thereby introducing toxins to your body instead of healing aromas and essences.

Moreover, true Himalayan Salt Lamps don’t look like they came out of a cookie cutter mold, and they should have unique and rough edges that make them as different from each other as human fingerprints and zebra stripes. Their unique shapes make them a great accent in any setting, especially in a place of meditation, and even the bedroom.

Today, we will talk about one of the best Himalayan Salt Lamps on the market today: the Levoit Elora Himalayan Salt Lamp.

Features of the Levoit Elora Himalayan Salt Lamp

The Levoit Elora Himalayan Salt Lamp is a prime example of a Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp that also acts as a night light with dimmer and makes for a perfect gift to friends, relatives and, of course, yourself. Here are the following features:

  • High-Quality Himalayan Salt

The Levoit Elora Himalayan Salt Lamp is made from true Himalayan pink salt mined from the deep reaches of Pakistan. The color ranges from pinkish-orange to light pink, with variations found all around.

  • Patented Steel Base

The stainless steel base of this salt lamp gives a modern touch to a classic design. This feature also prevents the base from overheating from the bulb inside.

  • Warm Glow

This Levoit salt lamp has a warm amber glow that is both pleasant to the eyes and makes you relax instantaneously. Put this near a place where conflict always seems to happen and watch the negativity wash away.

  • Romantic Night Light

The same amber glow from the salt lamp can also be used as a night light, and it can increase your mind’s activity if placed on a desk, and it enhances the romantic mood inside the bedroom.

  • Adjustable Brightness

The Levoit salt lamp comes with a dimmer switch that lets you adjust the 15-watt bulb’s brightness to your liking. Set it to be as bright as the sun or as dim as the sun setting at dusk.

  • Safe Dimmer Switch

The product is equipped with a touch dimmer which is a safer alternative to other dimmers on the market.


  • Comes in an attractive package which makes it an instant gift option
  • Smell is similar to that of the Himalayan Sea Salts that you put in food which somehow makes you trust that it is the real deal
  • Warm night light can be of help when it comes to sleep management as the low light can often help set the tone in the bedroom


  • Touch dimmer switch does not always work, and it often takes more than two tries to get it to dim
  • Comes in a wide range of size and color but do not order two lamps and expect them to be exactly the same as salt lamps are not made that way
  • Uneven texture of the salt lamp gives its emitted light an uneven tone, with some parts brighter than others


The Levoit Elora Himalayan Salt Lamp is a lightweight salt lamp made from authentic Himalayan pink salt with various colorings from light pink to pinkish orange. A patented steel base makes sure that the lamp remains steady and that the adjustable light bulb inside remains functioning no matter what.

The warm glow of this salt lamp is soothing and has a calming effect to anyone who views it, making it ideal as a house decor, regardless if you would place it inside the home office or the living room. It makes a great night light for the bedroom too, especially with its patented touch dimmer and adjustable bulb brightness.


The features of the Levoit Elora Himalayan Salt Lamp is similar to that of the Amethya Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp, especially the warm amber glow and the relaxing mood that it creates once lit. Both lamps come with the same coloring range and the same average size and weight.

Both lamps look great in any setting, be it in the bedroom or the living room. The Amethya Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp also makes for a good night light as it can enhance the mood in the bedroom.


The Levoit Elora Himalayan Salt Lampand the Amethya Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp have almost the same features which make it difficult to call the shots and decide which salt lamp is better. However, features like the patented touch dimmer switch and the patented stainless steel base give the Levoit salt lamp the upper hand.

The stainless steel base is much better than the wooden base of the Amethya as it is not prone to get burnt by the high heat of the bulb inside. The touch dimmer switch allows you to set the mood, and the adjustable light bulb inside makes a nice complement to this already amazing feature.


Himalayan Salt Lamps are not just a trend to watch out for, they have already made their mark both at home and in meditation spots which means they are here to stay. The benefits that they may give to your body may take time to be fully realized but, in itself, salt lamps already bring in the benefit of aesthetics to any area it is placed. It also makes for a nice conversation piece, and utilitarians would agree that it is a good night light as well.