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Health benefits of salt lamps

Whether you are a decor junkie or not, if you have recently done any shopping for furniture and home decorations, you may have seen Himalayan salt lamps without knowing exactly what they are and what benefits they provide. You heard it right. These are lamps made of salt! If you’re wondering how this is possible and what the health benefits of salt lamps are  for you, then read on and learn more about these salt lamps.

Everything you need to know about salt lamps

Himalayan salt lamps have recently become quite a trend because of their reported health benefits, not to mention the beautiful light they create, especially at night. The genuine Himalayan salt lamps are mined from the specific regions in the Himalayan mountains. They are chiseled, hand-carved, and polished as they are processed for commercial use.

Generally, these salt crystals have a natural pink shade that ranges from powder pink to pinkish orange, to a darker pink hue. This characteristic is attributed to the physical properties of the minerals present in the crystal.

A salt lamp is designed such that it has a hollowed portion inside where a light bulb is placed to generate light and heat. Without a well-functioning bulb in the lamp’s core, it wouldn’t be able to perform its functions, considering that the only way it can emit the negative ions that it is so popular for is by heating it up. The heat reacts with the salt crystals to provide the benefits you receive. Oftentimes, salt lamps are designed with decorative bowls or other creative presentations to make them look even more beautiful sitting atop a corner table or anywhere in the house.

But salt lamps aren’t just beautiful decorative pieces that you can use to accentuate the interior of your house. In fact, the reason why they are so popular and trending right now is because of the reported health benefits that everyone can take advantage of. Here’s a list of the health benefits of a salt lamp.

It purifies the air you breathe

Most of the people who have tried using salt lamps in their homes would agree that one of its core benefits is its ability to purify the air by removing all kinds of allergens and pollutants present in the air. Contaminants like pollen, dust, pet dander, and all sorts of substances that are considered dirt can be reduced – if not eliminated – with the help of these salt lamps. Longer exposure to these salt lamps show an incredible improvement in respiratory conditions, especially in the elderly or those who are suffering from asthma.

It helps you have improved breathing

The power of a salt lamp to purify the air can be attributed to its ability to emit negative ions. Positive and negative ions are present in the environment and even in your body. They’re usually present even in your lungs. Now, the presence of positive ions has a bad effect in the body, especially in the respiratory system. The presence of negative ions, on the other hand, results in an increase in cillial activity. This means there’s a smoother passage of air through the cilia, which are the microscopic hairs found in the nose and trachea, or windpipe. This results in improved breathing, which is very helpful when your room is not that well ventilated.

It allows you to have a better sleep

Consequently, with improved breathing, you can also enjoy better sleep. This is especially helpful to people who are suffering from insomnia.  Aside from producing negative ions which purifies your surroundings, it also has a beautiful, warm amber glow that creates a soothing and relaxing atmosphere in the room. Some products come with a convenient dimmer switch which allows you to adjust the brightness of the lamp according to your mood.

It neutralizes electromagnetic radiation

As you may very well know, all types of electronic devices produce electromagnetic radiation. The long-term effects of electromagnetic radiation on the human body hasn’t really been determined yet, but from the name itself, you can figure out it’s not really anything positive. While there haven’t been any studies that have concretely proved the effects of EM radiation on the body, having something that has the power to naturally counter EM radiation is a practical thing to do.