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Useful Innovation Himalayan Salt Lamp

If you’re looking for something new and different to decorate your home with, you’d definitely love a Himalayan salt lamp. Not only does it have an exotic look, but offers numerous different benefits. For example, it can purify the air, help reduce stress through its ambient lighting and it can even neutralize the air and cleanse it through its hygroscopic properties.

If you’re interested in buying a Himalayan salt lamp, you’re in the right place. Please, continue reading to learn about Useful Innovation Himalayan Salt Lamp, a high-quality Himalayan salt lamp.

Useful Innovation Himalayan Salt Lamp | Features


Useful Innovation Himalayan Salt Lamp isn’t anything like most other salt lamps. It is hand carved to look like a heart. When lit, the lamp turns into a deep glow of orange and pink. It is quite a sight, especially if you see the light emanate from the crystallized salt for the first time.

The salt lamp is made from authentic Himalayan salt crystals and comes with a dimmer control switch, which allows us to change the brightness of the lamp if we want a softer glow. The light from the salt lamp can act as a mood enhancer and a stress reliever. Moreover, it can also help to induce a good night’s sleep due to its ability to neutralize the air of positively charged ions.

Since the lamps are made out of pure salt rocks, its color, size, and shape may vary a bit, but that is also the source of its beauty and uniqueness. The lamp is made from completely natural and pure crystal rock salts mined directly from the base of the Himalayan mountain ranges.

Its wooden base is made out of neem tree, which is known for its naturally stained designs. The stained neem wood is a highly durable material with attractive patterns. It also possesses a pleasant scent that is unique to neem wood.

All of the electrical components of the lamp are UL approved, which ensures the quality of the electrical wires and circuits, ensuring longevity and reliability. But more importantly, the artfully crafted design of the rock salts imparts a sense of harmonic symbolism and sentimentality.


  • A unique heart-shaped design.
  • All electrical components are UL approved, ensuring high quality.
  • An excellent way to alleviate stress through ambient lighting.
  • An easy and simple way to cleanse and deodorize the air.
  • It helps induce better sleep.


  • The heart shape might not appeal to everyone.
  • Should only be used incandescent light bulbs.


Useful Innovation Himalayan Salt lamp offers something even more unique and different in an inherently unique product. The salt rock crystals are carved into a lovely heart shape, which emits a warm and cozy amber hue.

Aside from how it looks, it offers a number of different benefits. For example, it can help lower our stress levels with its warm glow. Its dimmer can be used to change the lighting to meet the exact ambiance you might want to create for your special evening.

The lamp can be used for a number of spaces such as your office, living room, bedroom or even for your yoga studio. It is stylish and yet adds an antiquated aura to your space. Also, the rock salts can absorb humidity from the air and help freshen the air in the room.


Let us take a look at another Himalayan salt lamp in order to get some perspective. Crystal Allies Himalayan Salt Lamp is another lamp made purely out of salt rocks mined directly from the base of the Himalayan mountain ranges. Unlike Useful Innovation, it offers a salt lamp in the shape of a drop of water. It serves as a unique home decor item that also doubles as a stress reliever and an ambiance enhancer.

Its electrical components, including the dimmer, are also UL certified, ensuring high quality of the wiring and circuit. Just like useful innovations, its wooden base is also made out of neem wood, which adds to the lamp’s aesthetic appeal.


The major difference between the two salt lamps is the design in which the salt rock is cut. Crystal Alliance Himalayan Salt Lamp is somewhat cut in the shape of an ellipse in order to look like a drop of water, whereas Useful Innovation Lamp is cut into an artful heart shape.

Other than the outward appearance of the two lamps there isn’t much difference between the lamps. However, since Useful Innovation Himalayan Salt Lamp includes much longer wires, it would be far more practical to use, which is also why we’d recommend this product. However, if you’d prefer a sober design, then you’d be inclined to go with Crystal Allies Himalayan Salt Lamp.