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Sunco Lighting Himalayan Salt Lamp

Whether you want a Himalayan salt lamp or not, it’s hard to disagree that they are quite intriguing. Its warm amber glow can completely change the ambiance of a room. And the way it looks is simply mesmerizing. These handcrafted lamps can really make a difference in the appearance of a room.

If you’re intrigued by these lamps, then you’re in the right place. In this article, we will talk about lamps made out of pure Himalayan salt and even look at Sunco lighting Himalayan Salt Lamp, which is considered as a premium salt lamp.

Sunco Lighting Himalayan Salt Lamp | Features


The most attractive feature offered by Sunco Lighting is that no single lamp is the same. Each salt lamp is unique in its own right. But more importantly, all of the lamps are made from pure Himalayan salt rocks, sourced directly from the Himalayan ranges. These lamps are essentially solid blocks of crystallized rock salts, which were carefully chiseled by master craftsmen to create the beautiful and attractive lamps we’ve come to love so much.

Due to the natural color and texture of the rock salts, it emits a warm amber glow. The warmth and softness of the light can create a certain ambiance that can act as a stress reducer. The ambiance created by the lamp can be quite therapeutic as well.

Since we’re talking about crystallized salts, the lamp contains all of the properties of Himalayan salt. For example, it absorbs moisture from the air and in the process also purifies the air. This is one of the reasons why it might look as if a lamp might be melting, especially in humid conditions.

Moreover, when the salt is warned from the heat generated by the bulb, it tends to release negative ions into the air. These negative ions can counteract the positively charged ions and neutralize the electromagnetic radiation present in our air. Since electromagnetic radiation is produced by electronics such as our laptops and smartphones, this is the best way to neutralize the air.

Lastly, the salt lamps can help create a therapeutic experience. It helps us relax and calm our mind, body and of course the soul as well. Also, since it clears the air as well, it allows us to breathe freely and feel energized and refreshed. And, it generally helps lower our stress levels and allows us to take it easy.


  • Each and every lamp is chiseled expert craftsmen.
  • It helps create a therapeutic experience.
  • It offers a natural way to purify the air.
  • Allows a simple way to counteract positively charged ions in the air.
  • The lamp helps alleviate stress.
  • An excellent way to relieve anxiety.


  • The lamp is only available in a bundle of four.


Sunco Lighting Himalayan Salt Lamp is carved out of crystallized rock salts by the best craftsmen in the world. Each of these lamps is one of a kind. But the best part is that they are more than just lamps or lighting fixtures. It is more of a way of life.

These lamps are natural air purifiers that also deodorize the air all through the natural properties of crystallized salts. It also produces negative ions when the salts are heated, which helps to neutralize the air.

Lastly, these lamps can really help us control our stress levels. We all understand the impact of light on our state of mind. Since salt lamps create warm amber light that helps us calm our nerves, it can help us control our stress levels and alleviate anxiety.


Let’s compare Sunco Lighting Himalayan Salt Lamp with Rocking Salt Himalayan Rock Salt. Since these two laps are similar enough for us to compare, it offers a great way to get some perspective on the two lamps. One of the major differences between the two lamps is the base of the lamp. Rocking Salt utilizes a base that does not in any way cohere to the overall design of the lamp. Since aesthetics are one of the major aspects of a lamp, we believe it is a complete deal breaker.


Since the lamps are quite similar, there are only a handful of things to differentiate between them. However, when it comes to the aesthetics of a lamp, there can be no compromise whatsoever, which is why our verdict will be based on the design of the lamps. Since Rocking Salt utilizes a base that does not in any way coheres to the overall design, we are forced to say that Sunco Lighting is the superior lamp and deserves your consideration.