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TomCare Salt Lamp

TomCare Salt Lamp is basically a Himalayan salt lamp. It is made out of pure rock salts derived from around the base of the Himalayan mountain ranges. In this article, we will talk about salt lamps and do comparative analyses of TomCare Salt Lamp in order to help you better understand the product and whether you would like to experience the amber glow of a Himalayan salt lamp personally.

TomCare Salt Lamp | Features


These lamps are quite special as they have a particularly unique design. Since each rock salt is a unique in its own right, which is further hand cut into shape, every salt lamp is unique and quite alluring. These crystallized salts are individually chosen based on its shape, size and most importantly its color to ensure the infamous amber hue, which is the most important aspect of a salt lamp.

The beautiful thing about these lamps is that they can be used in any way you can think of. You can use these lamps to light your front porch, your garden, the living room, bedroom and even shops or gyms. The lamp is not only used for lighting but will also fit in with all kinds of modern interior designs.

The warm amber hue can play a huge role in alleviating some of our stress. It is, after all, all about the ambiance. The ambiance of a room can significantly alter our mood and state of our mind. This is why the lamp can be such an effective stress reliever.

Another important feature of the lamp is that unlike most other tabletop salt lamps, you can simply plug it in anywhere you want. This means it doesn’t need cords or wires or even extra space. You can simply plug it into a power socket using its UL-certified play, which can fully rotate at 360 degrees.


  • It acts as a highly effective stress reliever.
  • It helps cleanse the air through hygroscopy.
  • It is a perfect way to create ambient lighting.


  • It is not a tabletop lamp.
  • The lamp requires a power outlet, which is too low might not be a good place for a source of light.


TomCare Salt Lamp is a unique and different type of Himalayan salt lamp. Instead of sitting on a tabletop, it is plugged into a power outlet and acts as a lighting fixture. Since it requires a power socket, the plug can rotate and adjust 360 degrees to accommodate vertical sockets. Moreover, all of its electrical components are UL certified, including the adjustable plug, which ensures the quality of the lamp as well as electrical safety.

Since it is more of a plug than a lamp, we can simply move one salt lamp all over the house. This way, if we feel the need to be embraced by the warm amber glow of a salt lamp, we could simply take the lamp from, let’s say, the living room to our bedroom and bask in its stress-reducing glory.


Let us take a look at another similar salt lamp in order to get a better idea of TomCare Salt Lamp. Let’s look at, SMAGREHO Natural Crystal Himalayan Salt Lamp which is also a plug based salt lamp. It is also made purely out of Himalayan salt rocks, extracted from the base of the Himalayan mountain ranges.

Similar to TomCare Salt Lamp, it also conveniently plugs directly into a power socket without the need for any power cables, wires or tabletop space. Its plug can also rotate around 360 degrees in order to adjust to a vertical socket. It is, however, smaller than TomCare, almost half its size, which also means less light.


As you can see from the information above, TomCare and SMAGREHO Salt Lamps are fundamentally the same types of salt lamps. However, there is also no doubt as to the quality of the product, which should be your first choice. TomCare is better in almost every respect. But most importantly, it is big enough to light up an entire room.

Due to these reasons, it is safe to say that you should, at least according to us, go withTomCare Salt Lamp. TomCare Salt Lamp will provide you with a degree of convenience that you won’t find in tabletop lamps but is big enough to light up, at least, significant portions of a room.